Meetings and Conference Sketch-Artists, Graphic Recordings illustrator

We help organisations simplify complex communications, making them

easier to understand, be more engaging and better retained.

"We want you to 'emphasise' the outcomes of your complex meetings,

workshops and conferences". It'd be shame for all the effort and investment to be

lost as soon as your audience walks out the door, actually it would be

a total waste of time. Sure you can provide them with full length videos of the

event, PowerPoints, even reminders, but in this time of information overload,

most people are time-poor and won't ready or watch anything,

 unless it's an easy reference. So how to communicate your meeting?

Because we mainly communicate in stories, it's important to capture the story

of the event. It's also important to translate the complexity into a visual

representation because if we think back to a meeting, we retain

on avg. 80% of what we visually see and do, 20% of what we read and only

10% of what we heard. So your important meetings need to be captured visually

in an easy to recall, easy to review visual. This is important to make the

event live on. Graphic Recordings can be presented as a posters/screensavers

or video (if digitally captured). This type of constant reminder keeps the

energy of your topic top-of-mind, making strategies come to fruition.

We help by capturing your conference ( digitally, on paper or on Whiteboard)

with talented professional illustrators who interpret and draw your 'Graphic

Recording' of the event. It's amazing to watch, gripping for the audience and

enables people to contribute more as they constantly review the days information

as it unfolds.

So for your next strategy meeting, work-shop, key presentation, board

meeting, symposium, conference or key event, book your 'graphic

recording' in advance..


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