As you probably know, there's a lot of team effort in making a company video. With that investment in time, effort and money, it'd be a shame not to get the maximum benefit from your video, for your company, and the people who made it. My customers often ask me how to promote their video, so I hope my advice and research helps you too. 

It may seem like an easy question, "How do you promote your video", just put it on Youtube, Vimeo or another video media platform, but sometimes, there's a little more to it. I have learnt a lot in researching this and by promoting the Whiteboard Animations that Emphasise Ltd produces. Here's the 10 steps I'd suggest to help get your video working for you...and there's not time like the present.

1. Display your video on your website

Depending upon your video content, display your video in the most prominent position possible on your website. Some videos might be part of a series and could displayed in a gallery, another video might be promoting your company overview or latest product and displayed on your website front page at the top. Wherever the video, the idea is for your audience to easily find it and let the magic, time and expense you've put into the video, work.

2. Promote the video from your company website

I see so many company videos promoted from a video channel, so what happens is the viewers visit your Youtube, Vimeo or other Video host channel, and then they have to find your website details in the channel contacts....but surely wouldn't it be better for your audience to visit your website directly? Within the Emphasise website we have a website gallery to display some customers video's to bring my potential customers to our website and help them navigate throughout our website. So use the URL from your company website to promote your video externally, not the direct link to Youtube or another video channel.

3. Have Your Contact Details at the end of the Video

Make life easy for your viewers and provide a 'Call to Action' and 'Contact' Details at the end of your video. Simple I know, but I'm surprised how many times this is either displayed in small print or forgotten. You may ask people to 'share your video' to proactively get the video seen by an ever growing audience, and for them to contact you. 

4. Use Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in your Video Content

Keywords, phrases and repetition of keywords are some aspects of SEO that enable you to be found by search engines more easily. With a little research using Googles Adwords or many other keyword options you'll easily find suggested local or worldwide keywords for your  business / product or service. It is a good practise to understand what people are searching for, to find your business - it also needs to be updated regularly. Consider putting keywords in the URL, excerpt, description and content of your video's. 

5. Link your Website Video in Social Media Posts

Weather you use Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or another social media platform, the aim is to help people find your website and contact details, who are keen to use your services. If you're promoting your website, again, link the URL of your website video.

6. Keep your Video Channel up-to-date

Although you're wanting your audience to link to your website video, you don't want to forget that Youtube is the number two search engine in the world and other video channels are growing in popularity. This is another way for your company video to be found. Use the keywords and explanations you've put effort into for your company website into your video channel as well. For additional tips on how to keep your Video Channel up-to-date, click this link to see what Youtube recommend.

7. Use in a Press Release

Use Press Releases to engage bloggers, producers, editors and reporters in what you are doing. There are many ways of contacting the press, but a recently recommended site for press releases is Online PR Media.

8. Include in your Newsletters

Why not include your video in your email Newsletters? Newsletters are a great way to communicate ongoing with your customers and audience about the advancements your company is making. People receiving newsletters like to know about what you do, so your updated video is a great communication tool. People who opt into Newsletters are also the best advocates to promote your business, because they're already interested in what you do, so a video is a tool they can use to pass onto people and grow your audience even further.

9. Send to your Exisiting Customers, Friends etc.

In addition to the newsletter, send your existing customers, relatives, friends and colleagues your video link in an email (if it's suitable). Many customers and friends have an idea of 'what your company does, but your video may highlight a service or product they didn't know about, and need. Ask them to forward it onto anyone they might think would benefit from it too.

10. Use Off-line in Networking and Sales

Networking can be repetitive and all you want to find the right people to talk too. I've found if you play a video to someone on a tablet to someone at a networking event, inevitably other people come and watch. Sound in a noisey room can be an issue, but it's easy to explain the video as it's going. It's a great way to get your message across succinctly and clearly and move onto the next if the message doesn't light their fire. 

Sales on the other hand makes any sales person a professional presenter. There are many benefits including being reassured your company sales team are getting the right message across weather or not they're having a good day or not. I've run many sales teams, and I know everyone has their own way of spinning their yarn, so consistency in a video helps with 'over-talkers' and many other personality traits of a salesperson. professional video's, also make your company look professional...and you can only make a first impression once!

So what video do you have to promote? 

Please common on what video you have to promote and how these tips worked for you. There are more ways to promote than these ten steps, so I'm sure other viewers would appreciate your comments on other methods or furthering these 10 tips on how to promote your company video. 

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With kind regards,

David Leigh, Director, Emphasise Ltd


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