5 Tips to get your business off to a great start in 2016


5 Tips to get your business off to a great start in 2016

Over the last year the one thing I've seen a lot of, is companies with great ideas, but no idea of how to get customers engaged in their products. I really enjoy seeing 'kiwi ingenuity' coming through, but all to often the genesis's who make these stunning products are running the marketing campaigns as well. Sometimes people have to admit they can't do everything to perfection, sometimes people need a little help. Here's some tips to help you communicate better with your audience, to get 2016 off to a great start!

1.  Own the Space You're in: 

You, or your business needs to own the space you're in, you need to be the subject matter experts to your audience.  To do this you need to be in contact with your audience (use social media, blogs, posts like this etc). Linkedin is great for B2B communications, but if you're in the B2C market, then Facebook and the many other social platforms might be the better option for you to communicate with your audience. Your business needs to spread your expertise and give your audience trust in your skills, knowledge or expertise to be top-of-mind in your field when a potential customer's timing is right. Write in a casual way that's easy to read, 1 post minimum per week, 3 maximum is what I'd recommend, but every business is different.

2. Give a little, but not to much

When you  connect with your audience, give a little information supported with facts ideally in a story-like fashion, but not to much. You want your audience to be engaged with what you are communicating, and leave them wanting more...you want them to contact you for more detail.

3. Tell your stories

Everyone loves a great story. They're engaging and create emotional connections, which is what we want from our customers or audience. Tell you authentic stories about your experiences, company and products. For more facts about how stories help visit: http://www.emphasise.nz

4. Use engaging material to communicate with your audience

Please, PLEASE don't present your information in a PowerPoint to a new prospective customer, or do if you don't want them to pay attention. Standard format stuff like PowerPoints and Word format documents fall into the category of. 'Non-Stimulating". Frankly they're boring. You need to 'Stand-out' from everyone else and do something different! www.emphasise.nz use Infographics and Whiteboard Animations to stand out from the normal, to make a stimulating impact! 

I hope these tips help and get you off to a fantastic 2016.



Tips to help your customers understand what you do...before Christmas!!


Tips to help your customers understand what you do...before Christmas!!

If you were given one minute to explain to a total stranger what your company does, what would you say? For some, it's clear and succinct, but for the most of us, it's hard to get the right word out! But shouldn't this be the most important thing we know at work? This Christmas, each of your companies staff will be explaining to many, many people what your business does...This is maybe an opportunity?

1. Have a 60 second 'quote' that all your staff know

Communication can be missed internally, forgotten even. A business should be able to easily explain what they do, and have the staff explain the same to anyone they come across - ideally in their own words, but based on a common quote. Customers come from all angles, and staff can explain to hundreds of people what they do in a year. Don't miss the opportunity, make sure all your staff can 'best' explain what your business does.

2. Quote your business 'Story'

Ensure your business quote is a story. Everyone loves a good story, they're engaging and open the creative aspects of our minds. We relate to stories, because this is how we naturally communicate. We're going to tell so many stores this Christmas, some genuine, some not so genuine, so make sure the business one is a great one.

3. Think about your ongoing communication in Stories

Once Christmas has come and gone, think about how making small changes like 'your 60 sec business quote' could be related to all internal and external communications. Stories are intrenched in our lives, TV, movies, news, papers, books, talking...are all stores. So if we naturally like to communicate in stores, easily learn stores and recall stories simply, ask yourself if your businesses communicating...naturally?

My business helps companies explain their stores using Whiteboard Animations and Infographics. We use these tools because they're not what 'everyone-else-is-doing'. PLEASE stand out in your marketing and try something different! 

So Merry Christmas to you, and I hope you found this useful.

David, Emphasise Ltd www.emphasise.nz



go Go GO... Whiteboard Animations

Although we've worked on many Whiteboard Animations at Emphasise, we've never officially launched the product...well, not until now. I thought the start of our new blog would be a great chance to tell the world the new things that we have 'emphasised' (an in-house term that we apply to everything we do, it appears).

From our point of view, Whiteboard animations hold the viewer as illustrations are created before their very eyes. I've been making them for a while and I'm still encapsulated every time I see a new one. I enjoy watching the story unfold at the tip of a pen, not knowing what's coming next, being entertained and amazed by the drawings.

We'd love to know you comments about our Animations. i've put a couple of links below:

Regards, David

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